Carrousel™ Balanced Maker (VE)

Carrousel™ Balanced Maker (VE) / Tipper (MAX) de-dusting (Maker stability and Rejects Reduction)
The patented JOA Carrousel™ originates from the pharmaceutical industry, serving high speed blister lines. Extensive on-site measurements have proven the Carrousel™ to be of high value for stabilizing a group of cigarette makers, handled by a central De-dusting system. The Carrousel™ balances all De-dusting pipes to the maker group VE connections with the Carrousel™ false air unit. This allows for adequate PID control and guarantees independent maker start – stop – stand-by operations without influencing neighboring makers. Through the Carrousel™, the makers are decoupled from the De-dusting fan, allowing the frequency controller to optimize energy usage at stable maker pressures. Carrousel™ balanced De-dusting systems separate the VE / Max De-dusting. For larger Secondaries, dedicated VE and MAX dust filters are installed. In medium size set-ups, the JOA-JDF dust filter is combined. Additionally Stem pre-separation is executed by the JOA Degritter™, a high efficiency Stem separator requiring a very small footprint.

JOA Carrousel™ balanced Maker (VE) / Tipper (MAX) De-dusting provides a significant contribution to maker stability and rejects reduction.

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