Vapor Extraction and Odor Abatement systems

Handling the extraction of Primary equipment and processes, e.g. DCC’s and Casing Cylinders, a standardized concept with an optimized flow profile is applied to minimize fouling. Additionally GCM™ balancing prevents condensation of ‘tobacco vapors’ in the piping, significantly reducing fouling related maintenance intervals and production stops.

The proprietary JOA inline-Venturi™ scrubber has been developed for Primary tobacco applications, focusing on reducing water and energy consumption significantly. This makes the JOA inline-Venturi™ the most sustainable scrubbing solution for Primary exhaust air handling in the industry.

Since 1998, JOA has designed and built Primary exhaust systems with the key purpose of providing:

  • Exhaust control; odor abatement; Target: C98, 1-hour: 1 ouE/m³ at plant contours.
  • Exhaust control; dust and gaseous compounds; Emission level: <5 mg/m³; TA-Luft / NeR.
  • Guaranteed stable processing and minimized system fouling