Energy solutions

Energy awareness is an essential boundary condition for production optimization, contributing to successful businesses, both from an economic and social responsibility perspective. Dryers such as Flash Tower Dryers’s (FTD’s) require significant energy. The exhaust gases from the units contain high levels of enthalpy providing a great opportunity for energy recovery, cost savings and carbon dioxide reduction.

For this application, JOA has developed the ERD™ Energy Recovery Skid; combining exhaust gas/steam cleaning with direct hot water or steam generation. The choice to operate the high efficiency Inline-Venturi™ scrubber for this purpose is to clean the tail gas, protecting heat exchangers and other equipment. Compared to mechanical separation, the ERD™ accumulation of VOC’s in dryer loop will be avoided.

The ERD™ Energy Recovery Skid has been standardized between the following ranges:

  • Mass flows of 1,000 kg/h: recovered energy 0.5 MW.
  • Mass flows of 4,000 kg/h: recovered energy 2.8 MW.

Recovered energy can be used for direct steam generation and hot water generation.

Our energy solutions:
Direct Steam Generation
Hot Water Generation
Benefits of the ERD™

Energy solutions – ERD Scrubber leaflet