De-dusting and Feeding Venting Solutions

Applying computer modeling to De-dusting systems, low risk system execution is realized. GCM™ modeling provides proven solutions for effective Extruder De-dusting of:

  1. Balanced LIW feeding of valuable pigments and additives realizing increased yield; 40% reduction in product losses by JOA Deflector™ hoods and MAC compliant emissions.
  2. Accurately balanced Extruder feed-hopper Venting (1 Pa) for advanced volumetric feeding, leading to increased productivity

Integrated systems with minimized losses of ever-increasing raw material and energy costs support flexible and lean manufacturing. Standardized solutions for high performance extraction hoods, system balancing and NFPA / ATEX filtration equipment guarantee an economical and sustainable solution.

The JOA engineered solutions include:

  • Indoor climate emissions guarantee (MAC/TWA)
  • Non fouling piping design (GCM™-V0crit)
  • Filter / separator life and emission guarantee