Clean Room and Micro Climate Solutions

Sheet and film
High end plastics production (pellets, sheet, film) for medical and optical grade applications, require a (local to the extruder) sustainable clean room. Also upgrading existing lines to a higher production quality level is handled by the JOA Clean Room technology.

Unique for our approach is the Micro Climate™, eliminating the ‘thermal engine’ produced by the high temperature production line (Die, Roll stack). The ‘thermal engine’ is the root cause of air quality reduction in the critical S&F cooling zone. Additionally effective condensation control, by primary and secondary extraction hoods,protects the important melt area, minimizing surface defects.
Finally; clean room Push-Jets™ guarantee equal temperature distribution in the production zone, for optimal sheet geometry control.

Major Benefits compared to traditional cleanrooms:

  • Improved product quality;
    reduced surface defects and guaranteed product cleanness.
  • ISO class 6/7 performance during operation

CAPEX and Operational Costs reduction

Applying the same modeling methodology, temperature, WBGT (Wet Bulb Glow Temperature; representing operator heat load experience), humidity and air quality control are optimized by the JOA Cool Jets™. Using this type of secondary-air, induction cooling has proven very effective in distributing cool air (by Ventilation, or from HVAC, or Evaporative Cooling) into the targeted areas.
JOA custom designed clean rooms and extruder line upgrades (including indoor climate optimization) are provided with a process guarantee on:

  • ISO class certification
  • Thermal engine termination
  • Product quality (temperature balancing)
  • Energy reduction
  • WBGT optimization