Plastics Solutions

With a detailed understanding of the synergy between the production process and the extraction system, a better solution is engineered. Computer modeling provides enhanced capabilities for system optimization (greenfield and upgrades). JOA delivers value to our customers by providing long-term solutions with a focus on productivity and safety, energy reduction and emission control.

De-dusting and Feeding Venting Solutions

JOA technology provides Extruder De-dusting for balanced LIW feeding with 40% reduction in product losses (Deflector™ hoods) and venting of the feed-hoppers for better feeding and increased yield. All handled by NFPA / ATEX compliant dust filter units. » More about De-dusting and Feeding Venting Solutions


Vapor Extraction and Extruder Vacuum Systems

JOA technology provides: Balanced Vapor Extraction systems for reduced fouling, less maintenance and minimized fire / explosion risks. The same GCM™ modeling technology is applied to Vacuum systems with in-line pre separators. All handled by the Low ∆P HEAF coalescer and activated carbon filter units. » More about Vapor Extraction and Extruder Vacuum Systems


Clean Room and Micro Climate Solutions

Indoor Climate Improvement High end Sheet and Film production (optical and medical grades) requires minimization of surface defects, provided by JOA Clean Rooms and Micro Climates™ (Easy S&F line upgrades). Additionally Climate control Cool-jets™ are used to improve temperature, humidity and WBGT. » More about Clean Room and Micro Climate Solutions


Explosion safe Central Vacuum Cleaning (CVC)

To provide industrial environments (such as plastic, toner, pharmaceutical, chemical, mineral processing and food industry) with robust housekeeping tools, JOA has developed a high performance range of CVC skids for explosive and non-explosive environments. Each integrated CVC system consists of a pre-separation and filtration stage. Our pre-separators, pulse-separators and degritters remove coarse waste materials. The ‘second stage filter unit’ handles fine powders and dust. Depending on the process, both stages may contribute to possible product recycling. » More about Explosion safe Central Vacuum Cleaning (CVC) 



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