Vapor and Aerosols emission control

Sticky, oily, or liquid aerosol particulates matter from exhaust gas streams (often VOC’s) are handled by the series of JOA JHF-Filters. The JHF-Filters  remove fine condensed and solid particulate emissions with removal efficiency of up to 99 % (depending upon particle size distribution/loading).

Since 1998, JOA has designed and built Vapor Exhaust systems with the key purpose of providing good working conditions at production areas in combination with effective and consistent emission control. The JHF-BELT FILTER for vapor extraction and air pollution control provides:

  • Automated filtration, with minimized filter media consumption (easy to replace during operation  and environmental friendly to dispose of).
  • Over 50% energy reduction compared to classical solutions (Average ∆P, depending on the application, ranging 700-1250 Pa).
  • Modular filter set up, V1-2V2, capable of handling 5.000 – 55.000 m3/hr. exhaust air.


Applying the flow pattern optimized modular V-shape traverse, combined with a wide range of advanced filter media, provides solutions in three main application fields:

  • JHF-C; Vapor and aerosols emission control (Volatile Organic Compounds). E.g. Vapor extraction from Plastics extrusion and banbury processes to Asphalt roofing coater and impregnator equipment.
  • JHF-S; Vapor emissions containing sticky oil and (production) residue traces. E.g. exhaust from curing ovens, Tobacco DCC(C)’s, Fiber glass and plasticizer coating lines and adhesive spraying systems.
  • JHF-H; filtering and removing oily, liquid aerosol in combination with sub-micron particulate matter from VOC-laden exhaust gas streams.

Download the JHF-Leaflet.