Range of advanced scrubbers

As a specialist in process exhaust air / gas cleaning, JOA has developed expertise and experience in advanced scrubbing applications in Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Mineral, Textile and Food processing. Another important field for JOA exhaust air treatment is our standardized range of structured packing odor abatement towers and cross current scrubbers. By standardizing the series of different JOA scrubbers for different applications, economical manufacturing is realized. Our industrial scrubbing installations are designed for low energy and minimal water consumption.

JOA range of standardized, modular scrubbers:

  • In-line Venturi; High efficiency dust removal (99.9%), applied to critical dust and suitable for high temperature processes.
  • Packed-bed Column / Spray towers; High efficiency removal (98%) of gaseous pollutants / cooling and vapor condensation.
  • Cross Flow Structural and Packing towers; High efficiency (85-90%) odor abatement
  • ERD integrated Skid solutions; Energy recovery ranging from 0.7-2.8 MW.