TwinValve DRY and WET cleaning skids
Standardized De-dusting and Scrubbing skids provide vacuum for isolation Twin Valve cleaning applications (GMP+ / HACCP / FDA / ATEX). In pharmaceutical operations GMP+ design is critical for sustainable manufacturing of powder feeding and transportation processes. Two options have been standardized:
1. Vacuum skid for dry cleaning by integrated De-dusting.
2. Vacuum skid for wet cleaning by high efficiency scrubbing.

Pharmaceutical; Bio reactor feeding and De-dusting / Blister line and tablet press De-dusting
Bio reactor feeding and De-dusting with the key objective of significantly reducing the amount of rejected batches. GCM™ modeling provides exact humidity controlled extraction and De-dusting, preventing moisture from the surrounding air, being absorbed by the extracted dust, forming sticky residue which fouls the piping. The JOA-HeS encompasses full project implementation including automation and ethernet integration.

Comparable De-dusting projects have been executied applying the JOA patented Carrousel™ De-dusting on high speed blister lines and tablet presses.