De-dusting / exhaust air treatment of abrasive dust
De-dusting and exhaust air treatment of abrasive dust requires special attention in respect to wear of piping and equipment. An important design solution is to keep the (valuable) dust into the process (dryers, belt conveyors, bucket elevators, sieves). Applying JOA degritter hoods, only air-born dust will be extracted, while controlling the MAC emission level to the operators. The result of this engineering concept is a low dust loading to the filter equipment and scrubbers, minimizing wear and waste production. GCM™-V0crit modelling provides accurate force balancing of the conveyed dust, minimizing air speed and related equipment wear, at minimized energy consumption. Finally correct material selection and optimal lay-out are important contributors. Mineral production processes such as; Bentonite / clay processing (Pet care products) and Silicon ore processing (Solar panels) are references of systems highly benefiting from this design methodology.