Product lines

(RRP) Tobacco Solutions

Yield improvement in Secondary by controlled Tobacco feeding (∆VAT-FBFC™) systems and Carrousel™ De-dusting, for maker stabilization, – rejects reduction – resulting in a guaranteed Yield and CPK improvement. Primary and secondary De-dusting systems, based on GCM™ balancing. Primary and secondary dust and vapor exhaust systems, including low maintenance Scrubbing of gaseous components, for odor treatment. Additionally the in-line venture scrubbing technology is applied for (FTD) energy recovery (JOA-ERD™ units).
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Plastics Solutions

Productivity of extruder feeding systems (LIW) and Extruder Feed-hopper venting for increased productivity, by adequate GCM™ balanced extraction. Quality improvement for optical and medical grade plastics by proprietary Clean Room and Micro Climate™ technology. Indoor climate and factory emission control by: ATEX-NFPA compliant De-dusting systems and Cool-Jets™. Vapor extraction systems applying JOA HEAF and Activated carbon units, handling gaseous components and condensables adequately.
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Industrial Manufacturing Solutions

In the last 10 years, over 450 computer model assisted designs have been made. The JOA ‘high end solutions’ group provides turnkey implementation of exhaust air treatment of complete factories. Key focus is on highly toxic and combustible dust and vapors, and recovery of valuable products. References are available in the Pharmaceutical-, Mineral- and Food industries and Ammonium Sulfate, Toner and Chemical plants. Especially in high end applications precise modeling of extraction and feeding air conditions (Humidity / Temperature / Saturation) is key for sustainable solutions.
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VOC Treatment

JOA provides balanced vapor extraction, recovery and treatment systems for the treatment of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Aerosols and acid gas streams and odor abatement solutions.
Using enhanced fluid dynamic modelling tools (GCM) efficient vapor extraction and transport is achieved with minimized fouling and optimal system configuration that is able to deal with condensation, fluctuating flows and changing vapor compositions.
Vapor recovery is performed using JOA Pressure Swing Adsorption (JPSA) with regenerative Carbon filters or technologies like Membranes or Cryogenics. Final Vapor treatment is performed using JOA Photo Catalytic Oxidizer (JPCO) to break VOC’s in harmless CO2 and water vapor. Acid gas and exhaust gas streams are treated using scrubbers, filters or oxidizer with often integrated quenching of the vapor streams enable controlled treatment.
The JOA Acoustic Agglomerator(JAA) can enhance the efficiency of conventional technologies by increasing aerosol size or even removal of difficult to treat aerosols.
All Systems meet the latest national and internationals standards and can be foreseen with integrated Fire detection and extinguishing systems to assure optimal safety and operation even with flammable gasses with the equipment installed in explosive atmospheres.

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