October 11, 2019Author: Eline BodbijlBlog overview
JOA logo

As you might have noticed, we changed our look drastically. We felt that our old look did not fit our ambitions anymore. Our core values like for example the need to innovate or our passion for complicated challenges were not represented by our old look. In addition, our old website was hopelessly outdated and we needed to make a change. We decided our core values had to be the center of our new look and needed to be felt throughout the new website. This is why we developed several parts on the website that you will not see anywhere else. This will underline not only our innovative character but also our persistence when we face complicated challenges.

The QuickScan, our innovative online tool

We wanted to get to know our website visitor through the use of a QuickScan, but we did not want to ask generic questions and giving a random whitepaper in return. We wanted it to be more sophisticated. We wanted it to give you real value. This way, customers could use it as a tool to base business decisions on. Of course, this meant it had to be a complex tool, that would ask enough questions to deliver tailored advice. Of course, it is a thin line between the number of questions you need to give sound advice and making a QuickScan so elaborate that no one will take the time to fill it in. Together with our smartest engineers, we took the time to write an innovative complicated algorithm that not only will result in tailored advice but also delivers the whitepaper that suits the challenge the website visitor is facing. Try it, we are curious about what you think!

Background header

When you visit our website, you will see the blue background header. We have some variants on different pages. But what is it? We wanted a way to show how our Acoustic Agglomeration works. We did not want to animate it. We wanted to film it. There was a problem. Acoustic Agglomeration is our solution that can handle for example ultra-fine dust or very small particulate matter. You can imagine it is very hard to make something visible that is so small. So it took some time, test set-ups, tryouts, and some heavy debate. We, as always found a way to do this. We used several different substances and a high-speed camera. The result is visible on our website.

Categorization of themes

Unlike most websites of filtration technology which categorized their themes through various industries, we differentiate ourselves by dividing the web content mainly into three big challenges you may face: a healthy work environment, process & product quality and air emission & energy efficiency. Of course, it keeps our website neat and well-structured, but that is not the main reason. We want to take our solutions out-of-the-box and across industries. This way you can get inspired by challenges we solved within any industry.

JOA design process

Brand innovative, new logo

With the brand new logo, JOA has evolved. All the JOA employees have participated in the discussion about the revisions of our logo. As it perfectly illustrates, we are one. Airstreams and particle behavior fascinate us and we wanted our logo to reflect this.

Our proven workflow

From consultancy, engineering, and modeling to implementation and validation, we value your trust and will put every effort into offering you tailor-made solutions. We shot several films in our office and factories where our systems are applied. These films give you an idea of our workflow.

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