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air technology for better air quality by air filter manufacturer

You need proven technology for better economies. Every case is different and requires a good consultancy analysis. On the other hand, cross-industry best practices help you get a head start and determine a quick win. Below are three major cross-industry quick wins:

Product recovery extraction hoods

The powder is often over-extracted to protect workers. This results in significant losses of valuable additives or the end-product at packing lines. Through absolute balancing (+/- 1 Pa) and replacing standard extraction hoods with product recovery deflector hoods, a stable extraction system with optimal raw material usage is guaranteed.

Proven technology: precise, flexible, on-demand extraction capacity

The start, stop, and standby modes of equipment in production lines change the airflow and static pressure of the central extraction systems, producing fluctuations and instability. This is one of the examples of our proven technology. To secure stable operations for better product quality, the JOA carrousel is the answer. With the carrousel, extraction equipment operates fully independently, without being influenced by neighboring machine starts and stops. The adaptive gain software optimizes extraction pressure and capacity to minimize energy consumption and make-up air usage.

Avoiding manufacturing rejection

Controlled local air quality

Microclimates are applied for high-end food (GMP) and optical/medical-grade plastics. By generating a virtual area with defined air parameters (ISO class cleanness, humidity, temperature), products are protected, delivering better product quality and fewer defects.

The proven technology of JOA

Thanks to our GCM modeling we can calculate everything before installation. This way we know that our technology works within the system. No testing required. It will save your factory downtime and costs. Working with proven technology is better for everyone, especially for you. It will give you all the certainty you need.

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