Core Modeling Technology

In the past 10 years, JOA has designed over 450 systems based on GCM™ modeling. This design tool applies physics on multi-phase flow modeling to optimize dust and vapor extraction systems. Adequate source elimination prevents e.g. gaseous process emissions and dust emissions from entering the plant. The GCM™-V0crit module is used to model feeding systems, optimizing for conveying speed and product loading. GCM™ models in combination with 3D engineering support a reliable project execution in running plants by minimizing installation risks.

For Odor Abatement projects, early stage adoption of GCM™ / CalPuff modeling creates clear insight into the key challenges. The deliverable of the model is a selection of the best possible technology and capability to communicate the engineered solutions internally and to the authorities.

JOA proprietary Software modeling tools provide predictive modeling and engineering of JOA systems and technology. The in-house developed suite of tools is .NET based. JOA is a qualified Microsoft Silver Partner.

JOA Modeling tools summary:

1. GCM™ and V0crit™ modeling Software:

  • Scenario modeling for system design, optimization and de-bottlenecking
  • Critical conveying velocity calculation; optimizing the controlled conveying profile (prevent plugging minimize degradation)
  • System balancing and energy optimization; minimizing the risk for pipe fouling

2. CallPuff™ contour modeling Software:
A multi-layer, emission-puff dispersion model, which simulates the effects of time and space-varying meteorological conditions and emission- transport and removal. CallPuff modeling provides a clear insight in different emission reduction scenarios and the related CAPEX.