How we operate

Systematic Approach Based on 6 Sigma

Core for our high end technology implementation are multi-disciplinary teams of specialists, dedicated to project engineering and execution. GCM™ modeling is used to manage the risks of implementing projects in (running) factories. As over 450 models in our key markets have been built, the predictability of these models has reached a very high accuracy level.

Every project consists of customer specific demands and specifications, next to JOA technology standardization. The right balance between these two ‘components’ is essential for optimal economics.  Next to that most of our projects are multi-disciplinary, resulting in a team executing the project. In order to meet the specific system requirements and customer performance goals, JOA utilizes a lean systematic approach (based on 6 sigma) addressing: project identification, (conceptual) engineering & modeling, planning, execution and validation & maintenance.
This approach provides the customer with transparent performance milestones for measuring pre-determined success criteria.

How we operate:
Core Modeling Technology
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