Our key focus is on building an innovative, sustainable company that brings value to our customers and provides our employees a work environment with balance between our personal life and work. We highly value talent driven diversity and equal employment opportunity. As a ‘Small Smart Business’, with a balanced-performance culture, we stimulate both personal development and decision making and building agile team successes based on trust and respect.

The JOA organization can be described best as a creative engineering environment with engaged staff that combines personal learning and objectives with company targets of customer focus and cost efficient project execution.

Give back to our community

A great way to give back to our community is to help those that helped support our business. JOA headquarters is located in Delft, The Netherlands. A well-known international university city, home of the Technical University of Delft. JOA is proudly involved and supporting our global student population through


Our international management team:

Gerard de Jager
since December 1998
Martin Tukker
General Manager (Delft)
since July 2006
Eric Virkler
Application Manager (North America)
since July 2004
Brent Hindman
General Manager (North America office)
since July 2004