Company overview

JOA was established 17 December 1998 and has grown into an international organization with its headquarters and R&D facilities in Delft, The Netherlands. Regional offices have been set up in the USA and Russia, support offices and partnerships in China, Asia Pacific and South America. The background of our company is applied fluid dynamics for high performance feeding and dust / vapor extraction systems and micro climate clean rooms. All these technologies have in common that they combine air-flow modeling with (indoor) climate improvement and increased yield / productivity by optimal usage of base materials, resources and energy.

The key of JOA’s success is translating our customer requirements and demands with a predictive computer model solution into established design concepts. By addressing engineering challenges in this manner a great combination of factory specific (requiring design flexibility) and JOA technology standardization is provided, allowing low risk implementation of concept-solution in (running) plants. In the last 10 years over GCM™ 450 models have served this engineering approach providing green field solutions and system optimizations in many applications in our key markets.

JOA ‘Incubators’

JOA Technology Beheer B.V. – holding – is an independent investor in startups and incubators with successful references in:

  1. Environmental industry; developing new technologies for odor abatement, emission reduction and energy recovery scrubbers.
  2. Software; JOA Software & Services; started in 2001. This group has been acquired by Baker Hughes Inc. in 2010.
  3. Oil & Gas; Resin Proppants International B.V. is an innovative startup, producing fracturing proppants from recycled PET bottles. Developing Sustainable Solutions to the markets JOA is active in. JOA has adopted the ‘incubator route’ as an effective delivery mechanism for market driven development and innovation.

More about are organization:
Mission and vision