About JOA

To guarantee a sustainable, healthy work environment, JOA has been creating air pollution control systems since 1998. As an air filter manufacturer, we distinguish ourselves through disruptive air technology innovation. Above all, we know that the only way to ensure the best working conditions for your employees is to eliminate even the smallest airborne dust particles and fumes. Our technology provides this healthy work environment and enables efficient usage of base materials, resources, and energy. In short, it is our passion to apply air technology to:

  • create healthy and safe work environments.
  • protect manufactured products.
  • sustainably eliminate air pollution.

In the last decade, JOA  has validated this technology by building over 450 extraction systems across the world. We are an air filter manufacturer for many different industries: plastics, rubber, and toner production; pharmaceutical and personal hygiene products; (pet) food; and minerals and composites manufacturing. We offer an integrated design and automated manufacturing of modular, scalable, and standardized filter technology. Therefore, we can guarantee economical solutions.

We keep our promises about emission control

Reliability is one of JOA’s core values. We start every project with advanced modeling to take inventory of the options and minimize risk. We are able to provide direct support to our customers around the globe thanks to our regional offices and partnerships. Since JOA was established on December 17th,1998, we have grown into an international organization with our headquarters and R&D facilities in the university city of Delft in the Netherlands. The international nature of our company is reflected by the fact that 60-70% of our revenue is export-based, and 50% of our projects are a recurring business from large global customers.

Proven air technology, balanced with technical innovations

JOA provides emission control through dust and vapor extraction systems, as well as air-quality and energy-recovery solutions in a wide range of industrial settings. Our proven technology is based on our history as an air filter manufacturer. We developed and implemented technical innovations. To summarize, our key differentiators are the following:

  • JOA proprietary predictive modeling tools and workflows to minimize project risk prior to installation. Due to our simulations, JOA systems start working immediately and come with process and air-quality guarantees.
  • JOA technical innovations around emission control have helped the conservative filter industry advance. For example, these include our acoustic agglomeration techniques for the removal of ultra-fine dust and photocatalytic oxidation for the elimination of vapors.
  • JOA air filter leaflets and white papers, where you can find our best practices, work methods and standardized solutions for industry-proven applications.

If you ask individual employees at JOA, you will find that it is our common passion to apply air innovations for better quality of life and work.

Martin Tukker

How emission-control developments have shaped us

It has become more and more evident that ultra-fine particulates and aerosols have a direct, negative effect on our health and need to be removed. Also, our project managers and engineering team are attuned to the current economic developments and direction of the market. This awareness has made JOA into the solution-driven company that it is today. JOA is able to compete in international markets, minimizing production costs through the direct integration of our 3D engineering and our automated production machines. JOA is the leading technology provider for air recirculation systems and energy-recovery in “green” factories.

Standardized but different air technology

The JOA air filter leaflets show JOA’s rage of standardized, industry best practice-based dust filters, coalescer-belt filters, VOC PCO-filters, odor scrubbers, and explosion-safe, central vacuum cleaning (CVC) skids. Our technology has been standardized, allowing for a highly automated production process and leading to effective delivery times and attractive cost-effective economics.
To deliver an integrated, ergonomic customized solution to you, it is imperative that your process, engineering, and production teams engage with our specialists and consultants. We strive for successful cooperation that provides our customers with pragmatic solutions and punctual project realization.

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