About JOA

JOA is a technology company that was founded in 1994 as a pure consultancy company in the field of environmental technology. In 1998 the company evolved into producing its own patented technology, addressing environmental and feeding solutions. Providing turnkey projects to customers in the Tobacco, Plastics and Pharmaceutical industry, export always has represented a large percentage of the JOA revenue. However the international organization of JOA truly emerged in 2004 when JOA North America was founded shortly followed by the JOA Moscow office. In more recent years support offices and partnerships have been set up in South America, Asia Pacific and China.

Company legal structure

JOA Beheer BV – Holding company of the group
JOA Ontwerp / Advies BV – Consulting activities of the group
JOA Projects BV – Project organization of the group
JOA Technology Beheer BV – Technology development organization of the group
JOA North America LLC – USA operations and testing facilities
JOA Complex Russia LLC – Russian sales organization


19 April 1994 (Consultancy)
17 December 1998 (Production & Turnkey projects) Rotterdam / Maassluis, The Netherlands


The Netherlands, Delft – Head Office, R&D and test facilities
USA, Charlotte, North Carolina – Sales and engineering office and test facilities
Moscow, Russia – Sales and Project Management office

Support offices and partnerships in South America and Asian Pacific