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(RRP) Tobacco solutions

JOA Tobacco product lines
JOA patented technology provides balanced dust and vapor extraction systems, filters and scrubbers for Primary and Secondary. Additionally JOA provides solutions for secondary Yield Improvement (increased CPK and reduced rejects) by: controlled feeding systems, handling increased tobacco loading and minimal tobacco velocity, direct Shorts Recovery and balancing Carrousel™ technology (rejects reduction).More about (RRP) Tobacco solutions

Plastics Solutions

JOA Plastic product lines
JOA provides high performance dust and vapor extraction systems for plastic compounders and sheet/film manufacturers in automotive, medical and optical grade plastics. JOA proprietary GCM™ balancing technology, advanced hood design and filtration techniques work together to minimize material losses, reduce maintenance and downtime and provide long-term system stability, increasing productivity. More about Plastics Solutions

VOC Treatment

JOA VOC Treatment
JOA provides balanced vapor extraction, recovery and treatment systems for the treatment of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Aerosols and acid gas streams and odor abatement solutions. Using enhanced fluid dynamic modelling tools (GCM) efficient vapor extraction and transport is achieved with minimized fouling and optimal system configuration that is able to deal with condensation, fluctuating flows and changing vapor compositions. More about VOC Treatment

Industrial Solutions

JOA Highend Solutions
JOA provides Turn Key projects for implementation of exhaust air treatment of complete factories and production lines, including Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Mineral and Food. Key focus is on highly toxic and combustible dust and vapors, and recovery of valuable products. Our high end technology product range includes standardized particulate scrubbers and activated carbon absorbers for exhaust gas treatment and odor abatement. More about Industrial Solutions